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Member Services Help
Member Services Help

To access CCSI Member servies, the following is required:

  • A CCSI Member Services account and password:
    The Member services account and password ensure confidentiality towards your data. Accounts from our old website will not work, as the new website has more functionality and requires an individual login. If you require a Member Services account and password, you can click here to request one.
  • a Netscape browser version 4.06 or better with a minimum 128-bit encryption technology.

  • a Microsoft browser version 4.01 SP2 or better with a minimum 128-bit encryption. technology

  • Javascript and Cookies enabled:
    Javascript and Cookies are used throughout the Member Services area to enhance the functionality and usability of the site. You can click here for information on enabling both Cookies and JavaScript.

  • Security Certificate:
    Once you have the 128 bit encryption pack, a security certificate is required to establish communications over the secure link. A security alert will be displayed when you first enter the Member Services area. To continue in the member services, you must accept this certificate. More details can be found here.
CCSI automatically detects if you have the minimum requirements to use the Member Services section, and will alert you if there are any problems. If your browser does not meet all of these requirements, you will need to upgrade your browser to access CCSI Member Services. To upgrade your browser, select the Netscape or Microsoft button below and download the latest browser version.

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